Domio Moto Extra Mount Kit

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Spring loaded, 3M™ backed helmet mounts. So tough they'll never fall off. No matter the speed you ride at. The Mount Kit includes 2 additional helmet mounts so you can use your Domio Moto on multiple helmets.

Note: Ships in 2-3 Days.

3M™ backedge

Spring loaded

Strengthened polycarbonate

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"A complete game changer"

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    Posted by Jason Shirley on 2020 Dec 8th

    No complaints from me

  • 5
    They're great

    Posted by Mildred Clark on 2020 Nov 16th


  • 5
    They work great!

    Posted by Robert Hicks on 2020 Nov 8th

    These things are not coming off. Stronger than my GoPro mount.

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    Really solid

    Posted by Alexis Arteaga on 2020 Aug 20th

    I have multiple helmets so I bought another set of mounts and let me tell you, these things are SOLID! Once you slide your Domio into the mount, it is super secure. The Domio doesn't move around at all when riding.

  • 5
    Love them

    Posted by Maia Belt on 2020 Jul 19th

    Simple accessory you get if you need more mounts. No issues

  • 5
    They work really well

    Posted by Ted Elliott on 2020 Jul 11th

    Bought a bunch of these with my Domio Moto and they work great

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    Works on all my helmets

    Posted by Todd Pouliot on 2020 Jul 6th

    Have 5 helmets and haven't had any issues with these mounts on either of them

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    Impressed with how simple they work

    Posted by Adriene Serrano on 2020 Jun 20th

    All you have to do is peel off the back, stick it onto your helmet, wait 30 minutes and your good to go. The Domio slides into the mount and is secured really snugly so I am never worried it may come offf.

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    Fanstastic for the price

    Posted by Laura Tidwell on 2020 Jun 12th

    I bought a whole bunch to put one on each of my helmets and also to have some as backup.

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It came a week or two late but the unit was well packed and works great. It does really work nice on my Bitwell helmet


loving the travel while playing my favorite songs thank you domio!

Good Bass

It is louder than what I expected

Love it!

I think delivery is being slowed down a bit by the pandemic, but the unit is excellent. its plays great and I love it!


I waited 10 days but all worth it

Hell ya!

perfect for this summer ride, my ride was not boring


Country songs on my Domio all day. I am lovin it bro

Finally something actually made for riders

Great Packaging with great delivery on time.

Best comms solution for city riders

It is delayed of 1 week which is fine since its custom's fault. Unlimited range is so convienient, I talk to my boys all accross the city.

Vibro Audio is real!!

perfect for those music lover and rider, perfect combination


It is late of 4 weeks which is sucks. The unit was well pack and great. it is a great device for riding