Red Alert LED Helmet Light

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Sometimes the lights on your motorcycle just aren’t enough. It’s been proven that adding any extra lights to your motorcycle set up greatly reduces the risk of an accident occurring at night.

The Domio Red Alert LED Light is an ultra bright lighting system that easily attaches to the back of your motorcycle helmet. Just remove the adhesive backing, place the light where you want it, then detach it using our upgraded velcro system. With three different light settings, long battery life, and USB charging port, the Domio Red Alert LED Light is your next big upgrade to your riding experience.

Note: Ships Mid December

Long Lasting

Ultra Bright

USB Chargeable

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  • 5
    If you ask me, it's a must! Go for it!

    Posted by Graeme Souness on 2021 Nov 8th

    I've got 2 already, just love how it enhances the look and adds safety at the same time!

  • 5
    Go for these lights, your helmet looks amazing!

    Posted by Jacques Rudolf on 2021 Nov 7th

    Oh they are so damn effective!

  • 4
    I would've loved more colours to be honest!

    Posted by Mason Herbert on 2021 Nov 6th

    I would like more colours but red is not a problem as of now. 1 less star just because I could've done with 2-3 colours at least!

  • 5
    Helps you on the dark roads!

    Posted by Randy Barks on 2021 Oct 27th

    Dark roads, no problems! This LED light solves the problems...

  • 5
    Just go for it!

    Posted by Samson Jr. on 2021 Oct 25th

    Oh hell yeah, what an accessory, just go for it!

  • 5
    Highly recommend it!

    Posted by Asif Bilal on 2021 Oct 24th

    If you ask me, just go for it, I recommend it!

  • 5
    Cool product!

    Posted by Mahesh Patel on 2021 Oct 23rd

    It's indeed a very cool product, mad how technology is growing day by day!

  • 5
    Great for rides on dark roads!

    Posted by Simone Bean on 2021 Oct 22nd

    Just a must-have on dark roads, go for it!

  • 5
    Helps me when there are less streetlights!

    Posted by Hersh Desai on 2021 Oct 19th

    It's indeed very useful when the road is dark and you are worried about safety!

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It came a week or two late but the unit was well packed and works great. It does really work nice on my Bitwell helmet


loving the travel while playing my favorite songs thank you domio!

Good Bass

It is louder than what I expected

Love it!

I think delivery is being slowed down a bit by the pandemic, but the unit is excellent. its plays great and I love it!


I waited 10 days but all worth it

Hell ya!

perfect for this summer ride, my ride was not boring


Country songs on my Domio all day. I am lovin it bro

Finally something actually made for riders

Great Packaging with great delivery on time.

Best comms solution for city riders

It is delayed of 1 week which is fine since its custom's fault. Unlimited range is so convienient, I talk to my boys all accross the city.

Vibro Audio is real!!

perfect for those music lover and rider, perfect combination


It is late of 4 weeks which is sucks. The unit was well pack and great. it is a great device for riding