MotoPro Helmet Audio + Communication System

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The Domio MotoPro builds on the top audio performance of our Moto product but now we’ve added voice communications with our noise cancelling ProMic™! 

The Pro features delivers the most powerful helmet audio sound, with our noise cancelling mic and unlimited range rider to rider intercom. 

Fully wireless Bluetooth 5.0, unparalleled power, comfort and safety.

NOTE: Ships in 5-7 days.

Clear audio & voice

Bluetooth 5.0

24 hour battery life

Current Stock:
Domio weight:
95 g/3.5 oz
ProMic weight:
Battery life:
24 hours of playtime
USB-C rapid charging port
Max volume output:
110 dB
Frequency response:
50 Hz to 10.5 kHz
Core functionality:
Music, Phone, Intercom
Fully compatible wireless device and ProMic
Noise cancelling:
Dual beamforming mic sensor
100% weatherproof:
(water, snow, ice, dirt)
2 x 3M™ Domio helmet mounts, 2 x ProMic mounting attachments (full face & open face set-up), USB-C Charger
We want to get Domio on your helmet so you can try the game changer for yourself! We are so confident you will be blown away that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee. Please consult our return policy for more details.

Key Features

Don't Need A Mic?
Try Domio Moto Instead
If you don't require a microphone, downgrade to the Domio Moto, the perfect audio-only solution for listening to music and GPS.


  • 4
    Better sound than earpods

    Posted by Francisco Vidiella on 2021 Jan 18th

    I ride a Harley Davidson with loud pipes (vance & hines short shots), so I didn't expected too much from Domio Moto. But it sounds way better than my iphone earphones! The sound is more immersive, I hear louder music and more defined lows, mids and highs. In a windy environment and/or high speed, I don't hear much, but I still hear better than with my earpods. I mounted Domio on the left side of my helmet where I heared louder music, but that means I hear less on my right side. I prefered that than a lower volume in the middle of the helmet. Battery lasts long, I've been using it for 4 days on my commute and on the highway without charging it. In resume, I am very happy for my city rides, and not so happy on the highway. I should try earplugs to cancel wind and pipes noise. But I definitely recommend Domio Moto!

  • 5
    Works for me

    Posted by Yuri Zuyev on 2021 Jan 17th

    Very easy to take calls, very clear also almost as if I am sitting still and talking.

  • 5

    Posted by James Green on 2021 Jan 10th

    The best upgrade I could get for my Helmet. Recommended!

  • 5
    Mind blown! The sound on my POC Fornix is truly awesome

    Posted by Jackson Laurens on 2021 Jan 9th

    Very happy. Fast shipping. Awesome product.

  • 4
    Happy with my domio.

    Posted by James Snyder on 2021 Jan 9th

    I have had this device for about a week now, so far I am happy with domio.

  • 5

    Posted by Timothy Gallop on 2021 Jan 9th


  • 5
    Definitely recommend it!

    Posted by Donald Jackson on 2021 Jan 8th

    Definitely recommend it!

  • 5
    Loving Mine

    Posted by Ernest Wolford on 2021 Jan 7th

    Picked up my Domio from a local dealer in SoCal and I have been loving riding with it so far. Great that it came with 2 mounts because I actually have a full face and half helmet that I ride with so I can use my Domio on both!

  • 5
    Best thing to happen to motorcycles

    Posted by Hugo Manning on 2021 Jan 7th

    I have been using my Domio for several months now and I have to say that I have never enjoyed riding as much as I do now. My bike doesn't have a sound system so I really had no way to listen to some tunes while I rode (earphones just don't feel safe to me). Domio finally gave me the solution to the problem I have been trying to solve forever! Now I can listen to music and just RIDE!

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It came a week or two late but the unit was well packed and works great. It does really work nice on my Bitwell helmet


loving the travel while playing my favorite songs thank you domio!

Good Bass

It is louder than what I expected

Love it!

I think delivery is being slowed down a bit by the pandemic, but the unit is excellent. its plays great and I love it!


I waited 10 days but all worth it

Hell ya!

perfect for this summer ride, my ride was not boring


Country songs on my Domio all day. I am lovin it bro

Finally something actually made for riders

Great Packaging with great delivery on time.

Best comms solution for city riders

It is delayed of 1 week which is fine since its custom's fault. Unlimited range is so convienient, I talk to my boys all accross the city.

Vibro Audio is real!!

perfect for those music lover and rider, perfect combination


It is late of 4 weeks which is sucks. The unit was well pack and great. it is a great device for riding