Talon Tech Motorcycle Phone Holder

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The Domio Talon Tech Motorcycle Phone Holder makes your life easy. No more pulling over to take your phone out of your pocket. All your navigation, music, and calling right in front of you on your handlebars, for the entire ride.

Our Phone Holder has an easy lock system that makes it super user friendly.  All it takes is one second to snap your phone in and out of the secure system. Just press your phone into the pressure plate and the arms snap around your phone locking it into place. To release just squeeze the levers on either side of the phone to pop the arms open.

The installation system fits any motorcycle handlebar and is completely shock resistant. No bumps will be jostling your phone or knocking it from the holder. It’s also completely adjustable so you can tilt your phone exactly how you want it.

Stop pulling over to the side of the road to check your phone, stay connected while riding with the Domio Talon Tech Motorcycle Phone Holder.

Note: Ships in 5-7 Days

Shock Resistant

Secure Mount

Convenient System

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"Makes Using Your Phone So Easy"


  • 5
    Pretty amazing for a handlebar phone stand!

    Posted by Katie Martins on 2021 Nov 10th

    I loved how it's simple but robust, keeps your phone safe and stable!

  • 4
    Found it hard to install but the support team guided me!

    Posted by Rickie Baxter on 2021 Nov 9th

    I was initally confused on how to install, but the functionality is amazing once I was able to install it, so no complaints about that!

  • 5
    Great product, good quality!

    Posted by Kun Alessandro on 2021 Nov 6th

    Loved the Domio phone stand, superb!

  • 5
    Perfect if you want to use GPS while riding!

    Posted by Jorge Pellestri on 2021 Nov 5th

    If you need to have a steady GPS phone holder, THIS IS IT!!!

  • 5
    Fits the handle, suits my needs!

    Posted by Matthew Mason on 2021 Nov 3rd

    It's just what I wanted, 360 degrees movement, easy to use, easily removable, no fuss, just great!

  • 5
    Just the phone holder I wanted!

    Posted by Alok Kapali on 2021 Nov 1st

    Having a good phone holder while riding is so important, you don't want to damage your phone while riding, isn't it? Go for this!

  • 5
    Convenient to use while riding!

    Posted by Alfred Carson on 2021 Oct 31st

    Very easy to use, just plug and ride!

  • 5
    Phone stand that does the job well!

    Posted by Brandon Rogers on 2021 Oct 29th

    Just a phone stand but a very powerful one I must say!

  • 5
    Easy to install, easy to use!

    Posted by Jim Carter on 2021 Oct 27th

    Easy to install, use and enjoy!

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It came a week or two late but the unit was well packed and works great. It does really work nice on my Bitwell helmet


loving the travel while playing my favorite songs thank you domio!

Good Bass

It is louder than what I expected

Love it!

I think delivery is being slowed down a bit by the pandemic, but the unit is excellent. its plays great and I love it!


I waited 10 days but all worth it

Hell ya!

perfect for this summer ride, my ride was not boring


Country songs on my Domio all day. I am lovin it bro

Finally something actually made for riders

Great Packaging with great delivery on time.

Best comms solution for city riders

It is delayed of 1 week which is fine since its custom's fault. Unlimited range is so convienient, I talk to my boys all accross the city.

Vibro Audio is real!!

perfect for those music lover and rider, perfect combination


It is late of 4 weeks which is sucks. The unit was well pack and great. it is a great device for riding